When Professional WP Installation is the Right Decision for Your Business

Our professional WP installation specialists have performed WordPress installations for hundreds of websites across the Internet. Many potential clients are skeptical because they know (or have heard) that WordPress is free. Anyone can download WordPress and install it. And even more intriguing, there are many one-click installation options available though cheap shared hosting which leaves many business owners confused.

“Should I hire someone to install my WordPress website?”

What it really comes down to are two things. Your website security and you making educated decisions for your business.

Professional WP Installation & Security

We’re not going to lie to you. It is true. WordPress is free. You can download and install your own WordPress website or choose to use one of the installation scripts quite quickly. But just because it is free and you can, does not mean that you should. You still need to know what you are doing, and why.

During an installation, there are many additional security layers and custom configuration settings that can be added to your protect your website from security risks. The extra layers of security protection are not put into place automatically when following the directions provided by the WordPress Codex or while using the one-click install scripts. Granted, as our technology continues to advance, the automatic processes will continue to improve from years past. However, one-click installs will likely never be able to replace the enhancements that a professional WP installation can add to your website functionality and while reducing your website’s security risks.

Knowing what you are getting – or what you’re missing – with your WP installation can be integral to the future health and security of your website.

Making an Educated Decision About a Professional WP Installation

Before the installation process even begins, discussing your WordPress website needs should be an integral part of your business building plan. Surely, you want to be able to make educated decisions and build toward the success of your business, right?

There is much more to your website than just the installation process. The planning, designing and developing of your website functionality should be well defined before the installation process starts. In order to ensure your website will work well for you and the online side of your business, think long term.

You’ll want to be sure that the design and development of your website will occur in a dedicated development area. Don’t develop in a place that will be detrimental to your website ranking well for your business in the search engines later.

Hiring a professional WP installation specialist is probably a sound business and financial decision if you can relate to any of the following statements.

  • You have never installed a WordPress website before.
  • Domain registrars and setting DNS records are a mystery to you.
  • Understanding the different web hosting options is difficult.
  • Server file structure hierarchy is baffling.
  • You are oblivious to what the term nameservers means.

If you are still adamant about learning to build your own website, go for it! But, remember this – It’s less expensive to pay for something that someone else has learned, rather than having to pay for the consequences of your own mistakes. In other words, fixing something that’s broke will cost you more time and more money than having someone do it for you correctly.

Professional WP InstallationProfessional WP Installation Specialists

Professional WP installation specialists have been installing WordPress websites for years. They know how to get your business’ online foundation set firmly in place. Professional WP installation specialists have been educated to do the job right, providing you with a website that is as safe, sound and secure as possible.

Use your time and money wisely. Leave your WordPress installations to one of our professional WP installation specialists so you can focus on your business.